Thursday, July 31, 2014

Grand Central Market Turns Into Foodie Destination

One of the few remaining institutions that survived the yuppification of downtown LA is the venerable Grand Central Market.  In recent years, when downtown was synonymous with "downscale", the big warehouse-sized hall on Broadway was decidedly low-rent, a hodge-podge of stalls selling fruit from the Central Avenue produce market mixed in with lunch counters and taco stands.

But now that urban pioneer trendies have claimed all of downtown as their own, the Grand Central has quickly reinvented itself as a haven for foodies and upscale customers seeking the finest and freshest in cheese, meat, coffee and exotic foodstuffs. If you close your eyes, you could imagine yourself transported to the chic-est market emporia of Portland, San Francisco or Seattle. Traditionalists may mourn a certain gritty authenticity that the old Market had in spades, but as a shopping destination, the new version seems destined to grow and prosper.

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Excerpt: "A lot of positive attention has been showered on Broadway lately, especially near 9th/Broadway where some of the most exciting developments in LA have happened over the last year with the opening of Ace Hotel and esoteric high-end retailers we thought would never open in Downtown LA in a million years (i.e., Acne Studios, OAK NYC, Aesop, Tanner Goods, Austere, etc). But the revitalization of Grand Central Market at 3rd/Broadway is just as exciting and acts as the northern anchor to Broadway’s amazing come back. (Now we just have to fill in everything in between.) Over the last year, Grand Central Market has gone through an incredible transformation by adding a slew of new and exciting food stalls that makes the historic food hall from 1917 one of the coolest culinary hot spots in all of Southern California.
Since June of last year, no less than 10 new food concepts (see pictures below) have been added to Grand Central Market in addition to three original 'pioneers' that opened in early 2013: Sticky Rice, G&B Coffee, and Valerie at GCM. Now, visiting Grand Central Market is a culinary experience mixed with a wide variety of diverse food options. There is now an exciting energy in the air filled with an ever increasing diversity of new Angelenos coming back to the city from the suburbs.
As a result of all these new food concepts attracting a larger swath of Angelenos from afar, Grand Central Market has added dinner hours from Thursday thru Saturday closing at 9pm. As the immediate area continues to revitalize in the coming years adding more new restaurants and shops, obviously more people will be coming to Downtown LA, which will allow Grand Central Market to extend dinner hours every day of the week."

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