Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marketers Find Out What You See in Ads with Eye-tracking Heat Maps

When a company lays out a print ad, or shoots and edits a commercial, they know what they want and are trying to assure that you look at and notice.  But intentions and reality can be far apart.  To test what consumers really look at in marketing, visual heat maps that follow and lay out the movement of readers' eyes tell a very different story.

It turns out that the biggest indicator of what you notice in an ad depends on your gender.  Men and women perceive ads far differently, and may or may not notice the product in the ad at all! It's also a major fail in the auto print ad below where readers scan the ad text and skip looking at the Porsche the ad is selling...

Hunter Communications Original News Souce:
Business Insider

Link to article:
Eye-Tracking Heatmaps

Excerpt: "
They say the eyes tell all. Now thanks to eye-tracking technology we can tell what they're saying. Tracking eye movements can give us fascinating insights into advertising and design and reveal a few things about human tendencies.
We've picked out some of our favorites below:

Everyone focuses on Scarlett Johansson's face in this Dolce & Gabbana ad.

scarlett johansson ad

In this package of meat, people look at the meat right away. Then, they read the label and check out the sticker.

This one shows the differences between men and women. Men spend more time looking at the woman, while women read the rest of the ad.


Notice how the men are not looking at the shoes at all.
heatmap 2

In this viewing of The Last Supper, people are looking at Jesus and the apostles. The eyes also seem to naturally fall on that space between two of the back windows.

Grocery shoppers are mostly looking for prices.

This is a gaze plot. It shows how people are checking out a shelf full of shampoo.

No one seems to care about this Porsche. They'd rather read.


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