Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indulge Your Curiosity By Identifying Every Font You See Online

As computers and websites become more sophisticated, and visitors become more discriminating, the fonts used to build web pages are more varied and interesting.  If you ever want to know the name and weight of a font in a website, use one of these tools (especially when viewing a page with Chrome) and you can get an immediate reading of what typeface is making that strong impression.

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Font Curious? Try these tools to Identify Fonts

Excerpt: "Evidently the Internet is full of people trying to identify their type.

I don’t mean members of dating sites — I mean people who are curious about the name of any given typeface they’ve encountered, online or off. Luckily for such folks, the Internet is a font of typography-identifying information and tools. Ha ha.

Ahem. Anyway. Here’s the latest handy example we’ve heard of, via The Atlantic: The Chrome extension Fontface Ninja (also available as a Safari extension and a bookmarklet).

Install it in Chrome, click the icon, and you can mouse over any text and learn all the typographic details. (You can also, as I’ve done here, click a 'mask' option that removes images from the page so you can just really, like, think about the fonts.)

Another Chrome extension, What Font, also offers mouse-over type-identification. But what if you are curious about a font in a picture, or (if you can imagine) the physical world?

Well, post an image of it over at the popular reddit thread Identify This Font. A surprisingly active and knowledgeable bunch of readers there may just be able to answer your type question. You can also submit images of fonts you’d liked ID’d to What The Font, which has its own (more visually appealing) online forum.

Finally, if you’d prefer to conduct more rigorous, personal research into any given font, start at Findafont.com, which offers a variety of links to typography-related resources and a handy flowchart to guide your inquiry."

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