Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Google "Easter Egg" is Targeted to Typography Junkies

Google seems to have a soft spot in its virtual heart for the typographers of the world.  After astute eyes noticed such subtle changes as a one-pixel shift in the kerning of Google's logo last spring, the tech giant has given us all a treat in the form of an "Easter Egg" of a typographic surprise.See how Google search results can give you an impromptu lesson in kerning.

Hunter Communications Original News Source:
Search Engine Land

Link to article:
Google Kerning Easter Egg Plays Tricks With Typography

Excerpt: "Google UK’s Peter Far found an Easter Egg designed specifically for hardcore typography fans.
If you search for [kerning] in one tab, and [typography kerning] in another, you’ll notice a little extra space between the lettering on the [kerning] search results page.
Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz put together the following animated image to show the Easter egg in action:"
(Check out the difference in kerning on the two pages...)

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