Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Were They Thinking? Inappropriate Logos Give Totally Wrong Impression

When a company adopts a new logo design, a very important step is to step back and look at how the logo might appear to an outside eye.  Obviously this is easier said than done, since so many logos end up giving a laughably wrong impression of the image the company seeks.

Hunter Communications original news source:

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14 Totally Inappropriate Logos

Excerpt: "Companies spend serious amounts of cash on getting their branding just right.

Usually, a re-brand takes months, a lot of navel-gazing, and hundreds of unfathomably expensive consultants.

Which is why we’re so confused by these NSFW logos, most of which have taken a seriously dark turn.

Seriously. Who signs these things off?

Here’s 14 totes inapropes logos that really shouldn’t have got past the guys in quality control. We’ll call them ‘rogos’.

 1. What do you need the pharmacy for, just out of interest?

 2. This Sushi restaurant logo is meant to be a sun rising behind a traditional Japanese tea house. Yep..."

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