Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Trends in Typography Reflect the Old, With Retro Hand-Drawn and Script Fonts Making a Modern Statement

Everything old is new again in typographic trends, with retro treatments, serif and slab serif fonts, hand-drawn text and handwritten script fonts drawing attention. Text effects like photo backgrounds showing behind text cutouts and muted duotone photo backgrounds behind traditional text add to the design palette that make simple fonts seem new and cutting edge. And media heavyweights like Amazon, Google and Apple are coming up with their own customized fonts for their digital devices...
Diet Coke's ad with Taylor Swift uses a hand-drawn text to combine the old and new

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20 Typography Trends to Pay Attention To...

Excerpt:  "Thanks to the omnipresence of digital devices, everyone is becoming aware of the importance of digital typography. In the United States alone some 187 million people are using smartphones. By 2017 it is estimated that over a third of the world’s population will own one. 42% of that market share is held by Apple with their suite of iPhones and iPads. When it comes to e-readers, Amazon has well over 43 million Kindle devices in circulation.
This wouldn’t necessitate any revolution in the typography world, except that Amazon, Apple, and even Google have continued their habit of innovation by introducing their own custom typefaces as an attempt get the most out of the transforming technological scene.
Amazon’s most significant contribution is the typeface, Bookerly, made just for Kindle:
 Google’s new custom typeface is Product Sans, and for Apple it’s the San Francisco typeface, which debuted with the Apple Watch.
Considering the fact that the average person could spend up to 11 hours a day looking at electronic media, these typography trends will inevitably make an impression, good or bad, on readers across the country. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising to hear conversations about typography coming from groups that formerly would never have approached the subject.
This rising interest in typography is by no means a bad thing, and it makes 2016 a great time to step back and survey the typography world to see what is on the horizon, gaining inspiration and insight from this changing landscape. This list of twenty typography trends should provide an excellent starting point..."

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